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From Forsyth County known better as the Tre Four Winston Salem... Emerges an Ol soul of the Carolina's reputable Boom Bap Sound.  Leumas Jihaad started his craft at the age of nine growing up In a single parent home of dealing with life with no childhood. Working mom and a sister with learning disabilities made him mature faster in order for his small family to survive. Not much for sports cause was always told no because of finances Jihaad's passion  became music because he adds" having imagination and living life is free all day!!!" Most of his daily life consisted of school, taking care of home,and any type of hustle to help make ends meet  with mom. The only peace of mind he had was Hip Hop. From rap battles from 92 to 95 at 1a.m on 102 jamz every Saturday was his main event. Leaving the battle episode with only one L on his record. He continued his music venture after his high school years in High Point NC where he met Jamie Mack VP of Mackinism Productions.It was there where he recorded his first song. Three years later Jihaad on great terms parted ways with Mack and went back to further his education in the Med field. Things did not go as planned. Drama struck when his mother came down with Multiple Sclorosis. Back to where it all started. At the age of 28 Jihaad picks up the pen and began a romance again at hip hop. Now in his thirty something phase the fully mature man Has hooked up with Zack James CEO.of Flow Child ENT. Wrecking havoc with lyrics that will definitely give you something to think about. Be on the lookout in 2013 as Leumas will be dropping a mix tape and follow up album in the late spring of this year Definately worth the long 15 year career HIATUS

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