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Antonio 'Prince Hav" Pittman, has had a drive for music since the day he was born, being involved in several different activities as a drummer boy. After moving from Norfolk, VA became a reality he was always in a band from concert to marching band. The first major marching band experience was  joining the YWCA Marching 100 drummers. Then at North Forsyth High School were he played bass drum in the marching band and met his best friend Jurrell Davis. After transferring to Carver High School his Junior year he got a real taste of what a high stepping hip-hop marching band was and that's where he met his first artist Cha'Tara "Cha'Tara LM" McCray not knowing that one relationships with his best friend  Jurrell Davis has lasted 15 plus years. After receiving a $20,000 scholarship to play at WSSU he quickly contacted Jurrell and talked him into going to WSSU as well. As a freshman he joined the Drum line Frat Stone Funk Inc. and met his new boss and frat brother TJ Zack Trakz James CEO of Flow Child Entertainment.  After talking with Zack Trakz of Flow Child Entertainment and discussing his dreams and aspirations they linked up and are know on the way to the Top.
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