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In the year 2005 as a senior at North Forsyth High School in
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the 18 year old Jurrell
Davis figured out his calling in life…MUSIC.  Born to
Reginald & Gloria Davis, Jurrell always was listening to
music growing up.  His father would have him listen to the
oldies & quiz him up on who sang what songs.  He got to a
point where he could name more old school artists & their
songs than his mother.  His older brother Reggie kept in up
with hip hop & r&b.  After graduating high school Jurrell
went on to attend Winston-Salem State University where he
ran into the man that recognized his musical potential, TJ
James.  After marching two years in the university’s marching band, Jurrell started working on his music.  With his mentor pushing him to become a great producer, Jurrell is become a real heavy hitter in the triad area.  Now as a producer for Flow Child Entertainment, Jurrell’s dreams have begun & he has no where to go but to the stars so if he shall fall, he will land on the clouds.

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