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Priss, met Antonio "Prince Hav" in high school while pursuing her first love, dance. Not long after, she was acquainted with Jurrell Davis in an electronics class of which she was the only female, so she's no stranger to competing with the boys.  After graduating high school, attending college, and a long string of other events left her with many questions and no outlet of expression, she began to write. Cha'Tara began posting lyrics as a status update on Facebook and was contacted by Antonio
about starting his label. She began recording with MME and did so for a while. After another everyone around her yet feeling as if she'd lost them, she decided a hiatus was in order not knowing if she would ever return to MME or music at all. She did some soul searching and getting to know herself but the dream never strayed far. When she came out of that dark place she knew she had to tell her story for other
people to be able to cope and/or heal. Now with a name change to Cha'Tara LM, you get purely Cha'Tara authentically herself. While she is no copy, she likes to credit her style to some of her major influences like Lauryn Hill, Outkast, Erykah Badu and the likes. She believes that as long as she has changed one life, she has changed the world. They say the sky's the limit, but all things are possible so please God disguise the limit!
                                                                      -Cha'Tara LM
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