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As a young entrepreneur, Zack James Jr established Flow Child
Entertainment in 2001. Zack  is an experienced, professional
television production specialist, editor and music producer His
experience and education in radio, television studio and video
production exceed 15 years. After graduating from Winston-Salem
State University, working at several TV stations and having
broadcasting experience as a camera operator, production assistant, editor, technical director, and character generator operator he started his own company. With many years of musical experience he started a music studio that offers top quality recording. Zack  strives to offer the best possible services for the clients of Flow Child Entertainment. The music studio has excellent sound engineers who will help get the best results for your hard-earned money, weather you a Jazz quartet, Classical trio, Hip-hop artist, R&B singer or Rock band. The studio also provides services for commercial audio, including voice-overs and film composition. With experience producing music with some of the best in the business has giving him the experience and knowledge of more than 25 years. When Zack is not busy he loves spending time with his beautiful and supportive family. He cherishes his time with his friends and family.

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